Tuesday, June 2, 2009

"Give According to the need"

One of the things my mom models for me is "give according to the need" as she says. ....I guess I needed this!

At my mom's barn bash this weekend for her birthday in the hillcountry I caught up with one of her dearest friends who brought me many wonderful presents....one of which is this old Mexican teapot! It's so me! And it wasnt even my birthday! I love the turquois, and the strangeness of this old clay pot! I like it when people "get" me.

My mom's friends are like aunts to me...showing me the way. I appreciate their beauty and the lessons they have learned so that I can go on and learn my own lessons. (smile)

This flock of women are truly a blessing in my life. And there are more who couldnt make the day...I love them too.

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