Monday, June 29, 2009

No one normal ever made history

"New Deal, New Day" - That's what my infamous old boss used to say. So a new week!

But first I wanted to reflect a moment on something that has very little to do with this blog, except maybe "in spirit" category.

Like most, I was very moved by the passing of MJ - Michael Jackson. It seems that his public personal had become such a clique. And he seemed so darned Wierd!
But I read an interesting article this morning by an author that I respect tremendously, James Arthur Ray. He refelcted on the genius of a man stating "No one normal every made history." To quote Howard Gardener, he said that there are eight types of intelligence and that only two are tested in school, linguistic and mathematical. And that "the greater the depth, the less the span." If you are extremely brilliant in one area you are less likely to be brilliant in others. Michael Jackson's brilliance in music and choreography are his legacy. I for one light up every time one of his songs plays.

James Ray offers up a beautiful prayer.

"May you find the peace in the next life that you rightfully deserve. You made a positive difference. You leave a lasting legacy. While few understood you, you ignited our spirit and touched our emotions with your upbeat message and music. Your gifts will continue to play in our minds and hearts forever'" -James Ray

I'll always be dancing to Thriller~m

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