Thursday, June 4, 2009

Happy birthday mama

I meant to upload this yesterday but I spent the day shopping with my grandmommy and mama. Walmart and Hancocks! Granny lives in assisted living and low and behold, since we have all been buying patterns, she wanted to buy a sewing machine! She has had many in her life, and My mom was against it, for practical reasons ( she is 91). Granny is a fighter though. And she was hell bent. (I love that about her) (smile) even though it makes it hard on mom sometimes. Mom talked her into this cute little version that she can lift easily.
Now that school is out I can drive Heavy C over and we'll help her get it all set up...
I made this garden apron for mom's birthday. I modeled these instructions from Sew Simple magazine that Lindamade created.
It was really the most fun project I've done in a long while. I added fabric yoyo's to the pocket and mom wanted places for two tools, so I added more belt loops. Heather Baily has an awesome tutuorial on how to make the yoyo's - more fun than you've ever had and addicting! And the best part! I used my FAT jeans!!! So no gaining the weight back! Take that fat jeans. I have lost 17 lbs since the beginning of the year and have 20 more to go...happily making progress. So get out your fat jeans and cut em up!
And happy first day of summer break!

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  1. Hi! Thanks for inspiring me!! I've created my blog now. Keep working on your projects and get some ready for the upcoming holiday should register for some craft fairs! Have you thought about making purses from the old jeans? I'll bet you could!


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