Thursday, June 4, 2009

Projects on the horizon

I am working sporatically on my dresses. I tend to work naturally in phases from one project to another.
Thing I have my eye on in June:

1. Making a cool rug from old T shirts.
2.Making Ninfa's salsa...this recipe from "Homsick Texan" comes from the Houston Chronicle..a reliable source...And if you arent from Houston, you HAVE to make this. Seriously you dont know what you are missing. I was born and raised on this stuff. I want to make it NOW...but I spent 4 HOURS at the pool for first day of summer vacation today and I'm a little Rose'.
3.Wanting to research how to get involved in either a community garden or in helping others with overflow from my garden. Just the thing to inspire me to rip up the rest of my yard. I'm practical like that. I would love to feed the world!
4.I heard from Organic Magazine about putting a vegetable garden in the FRONT yard, to bring neighbors together...pretty radical notion in my little corner of the BURBS... but one I am considering for next year. Researching Seglia's top edible landscaping ideas from
5. Want a composter, even though the Cowboy thinks they are a pain in the Arsh.
6.Make no kneed bread.
7.Grow black berries and citrus trees next year. And grape vines: do a little experimental wine making.

I would just love to have my own little organic farm and organic herb farm...and add to it vineyard with winery in the hill country. I would loooooove to have my own winery in the hill I would drink all the wine though!

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