Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Hallalujah~ We had rain today! Only a little bit but it was the kind you can smell. And there was real live thunder. I hope it gets all hot and muggy just the way Houston is supposed to be midsummer in July. And Ahhhh can you hear the garden. It's happy.
These are kind of random pictures, I had a quiet day - working on some things for etsy and for gifting. Did a little job searching - soooo fun (not)
I pulled this cilantro and basil from my garden and will probably make my go-to tomato jalopeno basil angel hair garlic pasta. I' make it more than anything on the planet except for maybe scrambled egg whites. Chez Melissa.
And this below is my kitchen. Nose right in... I am always curious about other crafty people's living spaces and kitchens, and work areas. So I'm going to post more every week. I like color - can you tell!? I love the way the bar wraps around so that I can watch the living room. It makes me feel like I'm a part of whatever is going on there while I'm cooking - which is a lot!
And this is new, I took down an old picture I was tired up and framed my favorite fabric. It's My Mona Maria.

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