Tuesday, June 2, 2009

On the verge

Garden update....
Everything in my backyard garden is either in bloom, about to produce a fruit or squash or is a green tomato!! Grow! You cant rush nature. But I feel like I have been waiting for eons. I still claim that even though I got a late start, this year is my Victory garden. I water every morning and every night since it has been so hot and dry in Houston. Normally we get more rain this time of year. I have been trying to get The Cowboy to tell me what is in his secret ancient fertlizer miracle called Tea Manure.... But he protects that recipe like it's war secrets. He is "tweaking" it now. I told him he could test it on me. He barely waters his garden, the dirt looks like it is hard clay, and the stuff grows like it's from another planet. GIANT zucchini's, GIANT squashes and more peppers than you've ever seen! I'm going to get to the bottom of that recipe....He recently told me to research sea salt.....I dont know if that's a decoy or not. You think???

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