Tuesday, May 12, 2009

This is the real life story of a cumcumber's birth. For the past two years I have had one 100 sq ft plot for growing veggies in my backyard. While I loved my garden and reaped the benefits of tomoatos and peppers and squash and green beans, I really didnt have TIME for my garden. Have you ever had one of those times in your life where you literally were on the rat race??? My job intown was so stressful at one point, I remember coming home at dusk and just sitting in the middle of my garden crying.

Since then, I've slowly gotten myself out of the rat race, and have realized the importance to the whole person of carving out space for the things I love. I am creative and this is what fuels me. Lately , I have been obsessed with gardening - I dug up another 100 sq ft plot this season for my viney friends...the pumpkin, watermelon and cukes that always end up trying to choke my peppers and tomatos ( they are very competitive).
So now they have their own place. I even bought this nylon treliss for 3 bones at home depot so that he cucumbers can grow up and leave room for their melon friends.

I am particularly proud of growing from seeds this year. One thing I'll do differently next year is start earlier. Patience darlin, patience. They take a while to grow. And not everything made it. But I do have quite a nice little crop growing. Did I mention the spaghetti squash did amazingly well from seed? Hardy little guys. I bought them on a whim but here they are two rows growing!

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