Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Manifest new floors

Ok I have a 7 year old who used to be a toddler and a dog.... And well it doesnt make sense that the builder of my house put carpets in the dining room!!! Where all kinds of stuff spills... sippy cups, juice, milk, wine.... sippy cups, red wine....
So about 9 months ago one night when my son was at Papo Bill's house, I impulsively ripped it out. And then I was going to install would floors myself but never got around to it because my job ate my lunch every day and I was tired all the time.... now I have a lot of time, no job.... how to manifest these floors. My mom had the perfect solution! porch paint. Kind of like stained concrete but a little less cool. Anyway, it solved the problem and I can always harwood floor right over it. And I can have people over again. Whew! And it's juice and WINE resistant
This is the before.... you can see it's concrete...not pretty.

Lovely walnut brown. This porch paint is really sticky and thick an oil based so it goes on really well on the concrete. It couldnt have been easier really. Two hour project. I didnt even use the whole can. Only needed one coat!

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  1. Now to decide if I want to keep the red wall with the walnut floors.... I am thinking yes for now...waiti and see how an area rug works and am refinishing a table I got in at Round Top for 25.00


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