Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Spiritual abundance morning

"Thank You God. Thank God for the many blessings, gifts and abundance that form your life. Keep a gratitude or a Thank You God journal and record all of the things that you are grateful for. Noticing and recording gratitude opens your heart up to receive more."
I keep reading stories in the Houston Chronicle about "Life after the layoffs"...and while it's much more good has come of it for me than bad. I have everything I need. I have found I do not need so much "stuff". I never realized how much I spent before on..what?..nothing really. I appreciate the simpler things in life. I asolutely LOVE picking my son up from school. It is a luxury I have never had as a single mom. I was always the first to drop him off at day care and the last to pick him up rushing through traffic. While I look forward to working again, I look forward to a different kind of work. More of service to others.
I think people needed to slow down...maybe as we pick up again, we'll do things in a better way. I appreciate the slow down. I dont ever want to go that fast again. I want to have time to be creative, time to learn new skills, time to listen to my son talk. Having a cup of coffee sitting in my herb garden...checking on my tomato vines..time to sew a pretty dress...and time to wear it on a date. I want to write and publish a couple of books...

Everything happens for a reason. And I am grateful for this time, for the love in my life, for my church, my family. And for all of the inspiring women on the a simpler, prettier version of life.

Ten things I love
1.pretty fabric
2.15 tomatos about to "turn" in my garden
3.the smell of coffee brewing
4.a new pattern
5.a fresh project
6.finishing a knitted scarf
7.trecking to the pool with my son grandmother's temper, she's got spirit mom's love
10. everything about basil

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