Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Giant Pumpkin

One day this Giant pumpkin is going to be giant!

Explanation - yes those are foamy angel wings marking my seeds. I didnt have any labels so I got CREATIVE. Yes I am thank you. I found a project for making angels in the craft closet and look at all the wings! I kind of think the angels will bless my little garden. Actually it got really windy and they blew away. oops. But I got smart and labeled the starter thingys with black sharpy. So seeeeee if the single mommy in the burbs of Texas can start a garden and feed the world (my fantasy) from her backyard you can too! What are you waiting for!! Even if all your perfect neighbors think you are nuts for ripping up MORE grass. They'll thank you when it's time to harvest.
Do you see this GIANT pumpkin??? Do you really think it will be giant one day??? I have to know. That is why I planted these seeds and now I have FOUR giant pumpkin vines growing in my backyard in the suburbs of Texas. SUBURBS. Yes my perfect neighbors think I'm crazy. TO quote " you rippin up more grass"? "That's good grass.." NOT compared to the possibility of giant pumpkin, and my fantasies of seeing it be bigger than my 7 years old boy, Do you see? It's bigger than this boy on the seed packet! Ok truth be told, I dont really believe in giant pumpkins, I've never seen one for real. But...I'm that way. I have to really KNOW if I can grow this pumpkin to giant. What a halloween it's going to be if I have four giant pumpkins come fall. People will come for miles around to see what the single mom in the suburbs has done next.

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